There's Only One Jimmy Grimble (2000)

and no substitute for life
Comedy • 106 minutes  6.6/10
Starring: Lewis McKenzie Jane Lapotaire Gina McKee Robert Carlyle Ben Miller Wayne Galtrey Ciarán Griffiths Bobby Power and others.
Released • August 25, 2000

Jimmy Grimble is a shy Manchester school boy. At school he is constantly being bullied by the other kids, and at home he has to face his mother's new boyfriend. However, through football, and some special boots, he manages to gain the confidence to succeed and leads his school football team towards the final of the local schools cup.

A.K.A. CZ: Největší hra Jimmyho Grimbla  DE: Nur Mut, Jimmy Grimble  ES: El sueño de Jimmy Grimble  FR: Jimmy Grimble