Marvel One-Shot: Item 47 (2012)

The Avengers won the battle, but a few items were left behind.
Action / Fantasy / Science Fiction • 12 minutes  6.8/10
Starring: Lizzy Caplan Jesse Bradford Maximiliano Hernández Titus Welliver and others.
Director: Louis D'Esposito Writer: Eric Pearson
Released • September 13, 2012

SHIELD agent Sitwell is assigned to recover an abandoned Chitauri weapon being used by a young couple robbing a bank

A.K.A. AU: Marvel One-Shot - Item 47  BR: Curta Marvel: Artigo 47  DE: Marvel One-Shot: Objekt 47  ES: Marvel One-Shot: Artículo 47  FR: Marvel One-Shot : Article 47  HU: A 47-es  KR: 마블 원-샷: ITEM 47  PT: Curta Marvel: Artigo 47  RU: Образец 47  US: Marvel One-Shot 3: Item 47