Major League: Back to the Minors (1998)

They're Just Nine Players Short of a Dream Team
Comedy • 100 minutes  4.5/10
Starring: Scott Bakula Corbin Bernsen Dennis Haysbert Takaaki Ishibashi Jensen Daggett Eric Bruskotter Walton Goggins Ted McGinley and others.
Director: John Warren Writer: John Warren Director of Photography: Tim Suhrstedt Producer: James G. Robinson Editor: Bryan H. Carroll O. Nicholas Brown Music: Robert Folk
Released • April 17, 1998

At the behest of Roger Dorn -- the Minnesota Twins' silver-tongued new owner -- washed-up minor league hurler Gus Cantrell steps up to the plate to take over as skipper of the club's hapless farm team. But little does he know that Dorn has an ulterior motive to generate publicity with a grudge match between the big leaguers and their ragtag Triple A affiliate.

A.K.A. CA: Ligue majeure:Retour dans les mineurs  DE: Zweite Liga - Die Indianer von Cleveland sind zurück  ES: Una mujer en la liga 3  FR: Les Indians III  IT: Major League 3 - La grande sfida  RU: Высшая лига 3  SE: Värsta Gänget 3  US: Major League Back to the Minors (1998)