Attack of the Jurassic Shark (2012)

Dinosaur From The Deep
Action / Horror / Science Fiction • 75 minutes  1.5/10
Starring: Emanuelle Carriere Christine Emes Celine Filion Angela Parent Duncan Milloy Phil Dukarsky Kyle Martellacci Joshua Gilbert Crosby and others.
Director: Brett Kelly Writer: David A. Lloyd Producer: Anne-Marie Frigon Original Music Composer: Christopher Nickel
Released • September 21, 2012

When an oil company unwittingly unleashes a prehistoric shark from its icy prison, the Jurassic killer maroons a group of art thieves and a group of college students on an abandoned island

A.K.A. DE: Jurassic Shark  ES: Jurassic Shark  FR: Jurassic Shark  PT: Jurassic Shark  RU: Jurassic Shark